Port IV Zip Hoodie

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Comfort meets functionality. Crafted with zippers on both sleeves for effortless IV access and two velcro chest flaps tailored specifically for port access, this hoodie seamlessly combines warmth with practical design. Let comfort meet convenience as you enjoy easy access without compromising on warmth during your infusion.

  • Doctor/Nurse-Approved: Full visibility and accessibility of port area during infusion allowing quick intervention, if needed.
  • Tailored Port Accessibility: Two velcro chest flaps designed for port access, this hoodie goes beyond the ordinary, providing a thoughtful solution for added convenience.
  • Effortless IV Access: Zippers on both sleeves, our hoodie ensures easy and stress-free access during infusion sessions, prioritizing your comfort.


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Covet your cozy with our signature mid-weight blend. It's the perfect amount of stretch to keep you moving freely while its soft-brushed interior keeps you warm & cozy.

  • 95.4% cotton
  • 4.6% spandex
4-Way Stretch
Wash cold with like colors
Tumble dry low
Hang dry recommended

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Meet our Port IV Zip Hoodie


Dual Port Access

for easy & convenient IV access


Front Zip Closure

for easy on/off


Dual Sleeve Zippers

for easy & convenient IV access


Premium Mid-Weight Blend

for perfect amount of stretch while soft-brushed interior keeps you warm & cozy

Happy Customers

Customer Reviews

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C.C. (Roseville, US)
Size: XL
Usual Size: L, XL
Size Range:
Runs Small
Runs Large
Honestly a lifesaver

Ok so it’s been a few months I’ve had the hoodie now. I’ve been waiting for BeWell to do a port access hoodie for EVER and snagged one up. I was nervous to spend this much money on a hoodie for myself (I am crap at spending for myself) especially if it wasn’t super effective. Here’s my notes:
- sizing: size down if your inbetween sizes or wavering. I got the size up of my ‘between size’ since I like my clothing a little roomier and it’s a little big on me. The jacket as a whole would be more effective at a smaller size, as it is the thumb holes don’t quite fit to my thumbs and everything is a tad lower as it’s looser. But it’s not overwhelmingly big or anything. Just, if your debating between two sizes and like it not tight but still effective, size. If you like jackets tighter then size down anyways even if you’re not between sizes
- this jacket is SUPER high quality material. I’m thoroughly impressed. It would be worth this much even if it wasn’t a specialty-item. The fabric is perfect. It’s got a comforting weight without being heavy, it’s not that cheap puffy material like you’d get on a mass-production shopping site, it’s sturdy, just AH so good.
- the zippers on it are AMAZING. They have a good glide without being slippery. They won’t just glide or move around on their own. They’re a very large-toothy zipper and so that adds to the comforting weight of the jacket, but also their security in staying where you put them. There is no backing to the zipper line, however. I like this as it means you can open/close it with one hand and the zipper won’t get caught on the jacket! But others might not enjoy the cold of the metal on their arms which is understandable. Choose accordingly.
- the Velcro of the port access is SUPER sticky. It’s a very strong Velcro. This also means it will stay where you put it, and stay fuzz or pet fur won’t affect its ability to cover the port area. However this also means I have a hard time ripping the Velcro apart. I have arthritis in my hands and am generally weak due to the chronic illness and the effort to rip the Velcro apart has made it so I just don’t really do the Velcro up at all anymore and just leave it unflapped. Others might not have this issue.
- the PLACEMENT of the access areas is perfect. Everyone’s body is a bit different, so the /exact/ location of the port in relation to the window might vary but window is large enough that there should really be no problems for anyone.
- I love the thumb holes. Like, it’s a small detail that didn’t need to be added but the fact that it was makes the whole thing infinitely better.

Jamie (York, US)
Size: M
Usual Size: M
Size Range:
Runs Small
Runs Large
Perfect in every way!!

The new port access is amazing on these hoodies. The quality is top notch and heavy yet soft. Sizing is wonderful and exactly what the chart shows. Will definitely buy again!!